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Our experimentation feeds all of our projects

Whether it's a music video, documentary or promotional piece, our many years of experimentation feed the shape and feel of the work.

Revolutionary Son Productions / Fredo Viola



Holistic Life Navigation

Designed graphic brand identity, including video and still assets.  Photography / Compositing / Editing / Directing / Design


Black Box - Live Performance Video

Live video shot in green screen studio and heavily composited in post production.  The aim was to create a live performance without audio corrections with meaningfully symbolic visuals.


Pine Birds - Music Video

Video created and performed by Fredo Viola in COVID isolation during the first year of the pandemic, with additional hand-held camera operation by Luis Mojica.


DevaCurl - Buildup Buster

Hired as designer / editor / compositor by DevaCurl.  Video created working with provided model footage.


My New Head

Produced, created and performed by Fredo Viola, a project aimed and successfully released on 180 gram vinyl, with corresponding CD and digital releases.


Senza di Te

Hired and directed by director Lulu Wang to create a cover, sung in Italian, of a song made famous by Harry Nilsson, for her feature film The Farewell.  


Supplicant's Song - Live Performance Video

Seamlessly recreated a broken down theater with stills, and composited within the space a live performance of clones.


Edwin Vargas - Live Performance Promotional Video

Created a duet experimental performance video which promoted the release of My New Head.


Seth in the Gallery

Created original music for a scene in Director Brian DeCubellis's feature film, Trust.


Cognizant - Event Video

Created a short entertaining video which spoofed Star Trek-era Scifi.


DevaCurl - Animated Promo

Designed, edited, directed and composited by Fredo Viola in collaboration with artist Alessandra Olonow.


Clouded Mirror - Lyrics Video

Created lyrics video with heavily animated text and graphics.


Mr. President - Lyrics Video

Created heavily animated text and graphics video for musician Terry McArthur.


The Cult

Experimental video designed, directed and created by Fredo Viola, with elements in it's first part which had been originally created for an installation collaboration with Mark Bolotin.


Milan Hill Studio Promo

Promotional video shot, edited and composited by Fredo Viola for Justin Guip's Milan Hill Studio.



Video made during the course of a week-long stay in Huesca, Spain, in concurrence with a one-man installation of videos at the Periferias Festival.


Stars and Rainbows - Live Cluster Video featuring Liuh-Wen Ting

Live video of the song, Stars and Rainbows, created in performance collaboration with violist, Liuh-Wen Ting.


Redken 5th Avenue - videos

From 1996 - 2007 Fredo Viola designed, edited and composited most of the promotional videos for Redken 5th Avenue.


The Turn - CD / DVD

Wrote, arranged and produced the entire album, with several EPs and Singles, and 18 videos, all designed, shot, edited and composited.  The videos and album were released by Because Music on a double disc, including a dvd with menu also designed by Fredo Viola.  Artwork for the album was supplied by Richard Colman, and the layout for all packaging was created by Fredo Viola.


Locus Focus Productions - Logo Animation / Promo Video

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Revolutionary Son - CD / Videos

Wrote, arranged and produced the entire album, with several EPs and Singles, and 13 videos.  The album was released by Revolutionary Son in both CD and Digital format.  Arwork for the album was shot by Fredo Viol and the layout for the packaging was created by Fredo Viola.


The Education of Charlie Banks - Vocal Bed Composition

Working with a gorgeous soundtrack written by John Swihart, we wrote, produced and performed a bed of vocal harmonies for several cues.  The Sad Song was also featured in the film.


Tai Burnette / Kelli Bickman collaboration

Unfinished music video collaboration with painter Kelli Bickman.


The Ranger - Music Video by Luis Mojica

Edited and composited music video directed and shot by Kelly Merchant for a song written and performed by Luis Mojica.


The Elementals I: It Began to Rain

Live EP created completely from scratch with improvisations into looping software.  Edits were made afterwards and some basic eq'ing and mastering, but the piece was meant to capture the ambiguity, dissonance and emotion of the fleeting moment.


Curls Unmasked - DevaCurl

Created in collaboration with Ryan Marshall, with supplied model footage/product shots.  Cutout elements created and shot by Fredo Viola. Final video edited, composited and designed by Fredo Viola for Porchlight Productions.


The Happening - Live Cluster Performance with Manuel Quintana

Live Performance Cluster Video created in performance collaboration with drummer/percussionist Manuel Quintana.  Each voice and drum part were recorded live to digital card, performing with a sine wave in the musician's ear to keep time.  No corrections are made and the piece is put together like a jigsaw puzzle.  The video was shot in a way to accentuate the shape and structure of the room as well.

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