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My New Head - Vinyl / CD / Digital

Complex audio-visual project, our work broke down as follows:
1. Music composition, arrangement, recording and mixing, with last mixing touches by Grammy-winning Engineer Justin Guip.
2. Packaging design / vinyl and cd manufacturing.   We conceptualized the cover image to wrap over the front and back of a vinyl jacket, commissioning talented Korean/French visual artist Miran Kim to paint four images. A separate version was created for the CD release, and a multi-paged digital booklet was created.
3. Font creation.  Multi-talented audio-visual artist Sacha Bernardson designed lettering of the album's title:  FREDO VIOLA MY NEW HEAD in all caps.  Revolutionary Son then expanded that design into the rest of the alphabet, including lower-cased letters and symbols, developing a useable font.
4. Video creation.  Funded as part of a successful kickstarter campaign, we produced several dynamic videos, released on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  After creation of the album, several videos were produced to songs on the album, including several live performance cluster videos, a lyrics video and semi-narrative music videos.
5. We created a richly layered website using the Wix tool.
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