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Audio-Visual Design

Made With Care

& Imagination

Revolutionary Son /

What We Provide 


Visual Services

Fredo has many years experience editing, compositing, designing and directing.  He graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with an award for Consistent Excellence in Filmmaking. As a visual artist, he works with the Adobe visual suite, and can provide music videos, experimental works and promotional pieces.


Music Arrangement / Composition / Vocal Recording Services

Fredo has worked both with electronic, midi-based instrumentation and acoustic orchestration. He has prepared arrangements for Lulu Wang, Mike Binder, John Swihart, Brian DeCubellis and Philippe Mora, and has licensed his pre-existing music for many tv shows and movies.

Latest Projects

Holistic Life Navigation


Black Box Live Performance Video



My New Head - Record / CD / Digital

DevaCurl - Buildup Buster 


Big Beach / Lulu Wang - Senza di Te



Video & Design Services

We bring many years of experience to the creation of beautiful & innovative imagery, both in motion & still design.  

We are proud to have created a varied body of visual work. From innovative experimentalism to candy-colored promotional pieces, we aim always for meticulous discovery.  Watch our showreel for examples.  We made the music as well!

Shot during COVID lockdown, this music video was directed, shot, composited and edited by Fredo Viola to a piece of music from his third album, My New Head.

Since 1994 we have produced promotional work for such companies as L'Oreal USA, Redken 5th Avenue, Cognizant, Equitana, DevaCurl and Prose.  We have experience producing for many formats - meetings, public exhibition as well as many social media formats.


Music Composition, Arrangement & Performance

With a strong focus on vocal arrangements and performance, we provide genre-busting composition, arrangement and recording services.  

One of our most recent projects was the producing, arranging and performing  of a cover in the style of 80s karaoke!  If that wasn't challenging enough, it's based on a song performed by the great Harry Nilsson, and director Lulu Wang demanded actual tears!  The song was played in completion over the end of her brilliantly moving, award-winning film, The Farewell.

With a vibrant and complexly layered choral arrangement, complimented by sparse electronics and primal drum rhythm, The Turn is an adventurous cut from Fredo Viola's first album, The Turn.

Taking inspiration from the 60s and 70s arrangements of Maurice Jarre and Ennio Morricone but equally influenced by Russian Modern Classical music, Edwin Vargas is a psychedelic and cinematic cut from Fredo Viola's most recent album, My New Head.

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